Degree Programs

Certificates and Diplomas offered at WCBIS

Certificate of Biblical Studies - 30 credit hours
Associate of Biblical Studies - 60 credit hours
Advanced Ministry Diploma   - 90 credit hours
Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.)                       - 120 credit hours
Bachelor of Religious Literature (B.Rel.)    - 120 credit hours
Bachelor of Biblical Studies (B.B.S.)           - 120 credit hours
Master of Theology                    - 150 credit hours
Master of Divinity                       - 150 credit hours
Master of Religious Literature  - 150 credit hours
Honorary Doctor Degrees       - Awarded to qualified candidates

You can take any course, but we will be encouraging our students that feel a certain
direction to take those classes listed in those Tracks.

These Tracks will help our students to determine what they feel the Lord is directing their lives to.

Biblical Theology
Church Planter